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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020
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Whiskey in a Week



Whiskey in a Week is a brand-new way to age your own bourbon in less than a week and then make scotch. It’s a hand-crafted kit for the person who wants to experience aging their own whiskey to match their personal taste, rather than waiting 4-7 years for someone else’s flavor profile from a barrel.

  • Add the wood chips to a clear distilled corn spirit and in 3-7 days you’ll have bourbon with a flavor to your taste.
  • Use the bourbon-soaked chips again – this time with a wheat vodka – and find your favorite flavor of scotch in 12-20 days.
  • Finally, use the whiskey-soaked wood chips in your smoker or grill to add delicious flavor and aroma to your meat and fish.

100% Made in the USA.