Our Team of Highly Skilled Artisans, Artists and Woodworkers



Bill Barrett - Southern Custom Doors
Tony Archino - Custom Boat Builder
Thomas Benson - Wildlife Photographer
Thomas Blackman - Wood Pyrograpgher
​Ruth Brassington - Felting
Tim Boger - Woodturner
Mike Buchanan - Painter and Author
​Kelly Crayne - Painter
Henry Crowley - ​Fossils, Shark and Dino Teeth
Robyn Deerchaser - Native American Jewelry maker and various of other Arts
Nick Watts - Woodturner
Bryan Durrant - Knife and Jewelry maker

Forrest Fortier -​ Pyrography on paper
Mark Getty - ​Fur and buckskin products
Dot Goodwin - Painter and Molder
Brent Shirley - Painter
Karen Langley - Painter
Dean Stokes - Table Maker
Jordan Snyder - Table Maker
​Hayward O'cain - Woodcarver
Robert Law - Antique Wood Tools
​Jerry Law - Painter
Lisa Murray (Felting)
Nancy Basket (Basket Weaving)



​Linda Harrell - Basket Weaver
Lee Tigner - Knive and Table Maker
Larry Mcintyre - Paddle Maker
Tony Hayes - Table and Lamp Maker
​Rudy McKinney - Woodworker
Ralph Zetti- Wood Turner
Barbara Rowe - Pottery
Randy Rowe - Flutes
Howard Moore lll - Ukulele Maker
Howard Moore Jr. - Woodworker
​Debbie Rembert - Painter
Hen Moore - Fabric Cards

Allison Smith - Painter and Woodcarver
Tommy Webb - Woodworker
Dr. Ben Rutledge - Whiskey In a Week
​Laura Crosby - Basket Weaver
Carol Fuller - Painter
Cat Maynard - Cut/Stain Glass
Dan Hancock - Woodworker
Ted Budine - Wood Carver
Heather Carter - Gourd Art
Jay Daniels - Lathe Wood Turner