One team. One mission.



Our collective team is composed of a diverse group of very interesting and talented individuals. We have a nice mix of men and women of different age groups, and different interpretations of the world around us. They are for the most part South Carolinian's, but we have a few from North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We have a membership of individualists, but there are some commonalities also. One trait they all share is their passion, even obsession about their work. Other strong characteristics they share are their originality, vision, and creativity. They have the ability to create something that never existed before and turn a thought, an idea, into a physical reality. They possess the power of connectivity, the ability to connect you to a different time, place or person through that creation. You can run your hand over the thousand growth rings in a table top and that has the potential to connect you to the man 150 years ago that harvested the “Old Growth” tree. You have the potential to make a connection to the artist himself through the experience of touch or sight. That piece can evoke feelings or emotions and connect you to yourself in a different, new way. Ownership of these heirloom quality pieces can even connect you to your yet unborn descendants for generations to come. Our collective members have so much talent, they are almost scary. We now number about 60. Our goal is to continue to add to our membership while maintaining the same extremely high quality of our offerings. There will always be a high standard of quality with a theme of uniqueness, of our history and our heritage, our region, and our way of life. They have one more thing in common. I respect every one of them. - Owner Alec Blalock

Alec Blalock - Owner of

The Swamp Log Artisans Gallery


"He is part businessman, part archaeologist, part historian, and part adventurer". So read the Florence Dailey News article back in 2004 regarding "Capt. Alec" Blalock and his SCUBA Charter Guide Service. After 15 years running SCUBA charters, Blalock made the difficult decision to retire from hunting one kind of underwater treasure (fossils & artifacts) in favor of hunting a different underwater treasure. ('sinker' logs). The 72 year old waterman says "I will continue to pull my own underwater logs for as long as my health allows". His business consists of locating and recovering lost logs and having them sawn into rare, high-quality lumber to market to professional and highly skilled woodworkers.

In 2016 he received a call from a representative of Greater Bishopville Inc. (GBI), inquiring as to if Blalock would be interested in becoming a seeded business as a part of the GBI Project. He said yes and THE SWAMP LOG Artisans Gallery became a reality. Blalock shares with us that he has always been drawn to, and happiest in the outdoors, especially on, in, and under the water. History and things old fascinate him, and this is reflected in his store.